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Revolve Pizza Oven Review by Trusted Reviews

See what the reviewer thought about the Revolve Pizza Oven

We sent the Revolve to Trusted Reviews for a test.

Having someone test your product is always exciting as you get an outside perspective on how the oven performs, looks and feels. As we have been working on tweaking and developing the Revolve for years, you can become blind to some of the cons, but we are happy that the oven got praise in the right areas:

Fast and even cooking, the rotating pizza stone, ease of use and the portability.

As cons, they listed the lack of color options (something that may change in the future ;) and slightly longer heating time as well as the limitation of 12-13" pizzas. Click the link below to read the whole review.

Revolve Pizza Oven

"While it might be slightly smaller than some pizza ovens, the Revolve packs in more features than most."

Rachel Ogden, Trusted Reviews


  • Revolving pizza stone
  • Includes peel, cover, recipe cards and thermometer
  • Plenty of guidance for beginners


  • No choice of colours
  • Longer to heat up than some
  • Maximum pizza size is 12-13 inches

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